Connect every thing

With IoThings, you can connect every kind of thing (BLE, Wifi, Sigfox, LoRa...).

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Your devices, your data

Your devices belong to you, and your data too.

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Know your users and how your things are used

With IoThings, you have a comprehensive view of how your things are used, how your updates are received...

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Highly scalable

Scale from one to a milion, we handle every thing and every user.

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Our backend
customised for YOU

You can manage every feature from your bespoke dashboard.

Fully responsive

Access easily your dashboard, everywhere, everytime.


Get trends from your things, such as average values from sensors, battery drain, Firmware versions deployed...


Track your things, trigger mail or SMS alerts when a thing is out of a specific area.


Firmware Updates

Manage all your Firmware revisions, tests beta features, manage batchs...

Battery status

Monitor average battery drain from your devices, battery lifespan...


Get alerts from a breaking Firmware update, a thing out of an area...

Use Cases

Some examples of IoThings usages.

Assets Tracking

GPS powered trackers, along with Sigfox or LoRa, or BLE trackers paired with an app.

Consumer Electronics

Every kind of BLE devices connected to a smartphone, can be linked with IoThings, but also Sigfox or LoRa powered devices.

Environment Sensing

Connect long lasting environmental sensors, and follow trends and geolocation in the dashboard.

For every use case, IoThings is your solution.

App Integration

IoThings can be easily integrated in your app.



Manage Users and Things with IoThings API.



We have librairies for BLE management.

Flexible Pricing

Each plan includes a 15 day trial and there’s no credit card needed. Get in touch to find out which works the best...

  • Prototyping
  • Jumpstart your users and things management
  • 9€ / month
  • Up to 10 things
  • 50K Monthly API Calls / Messages
  • 10 SMS alerts *
  • 1 Admin User
  • 1 App
  • 5 Users
  • Try 15 days free
  • Advanced
  • Manage all your users and things
  • 99€ / month
  • Up to 500 things
  • 1 Million Monthly API Calls / Messages
  • 100 SMS alerts *
  • 10 Admin User
  • 10 Apps
  • 500 Users
  • Signup
  • Enterprise
  • Get a bespoke solution
  • Custom
  • Unlimited things
  • Custom API Calls / Messages Monthly Limit
  • Custom SMS alerts
  • Custom Admin Users
  • Custom Apps
  • Custom Brand
    Use your existing domain & SSL Certificate
  • On premise deployment
  • Signup

*You can also buy SMS packs

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